NSW Sustainability Awards


Get your sustainability initiative acknowledged in Australia’s most prestigious Sustainability Awards!

The NSW Sustainability Awards, presented by Banksia and supported by the NSW government, are more than just an acknowledgement. For the recipients they are stepping-stones, opening doors to opportunities previously unattainable, sometimes unimaginable. It is also an opportunity to showcase New South Wales’ best: a perfect chance to demonstrate and inspire what is actually possible.

With the Banksia model, the NSW winners will automatically be entered into the National Banksia Awards.

Since 2018 Banksia has based the national awards on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we have seen this create an interest from entrants to participate and learn about the SDGs. Banksia would like to translate this successful platform to the NSW Awards.

“Banksia exists to help people get better at doing sustainability. One of the ways we do this is to recognise and promote excellence in sustainability with the Banksia awards. So much of what is happening in sustainability starts in the states. The NSW awards enable Banksia to focus more sharply on where the real action on sustainability occurs at a local level on the ground.”

“Entrants join a community of champions for sustainability who are reimagining the future of NSW, inspired by the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. While the NSW awards help all entrants unlock opportunities in the UN’s 2030 Global Goals, the NSW winners will be able to amplify their sustainability story on the national stage.”

Banksia Foundation CEO
Graz van Egmond


Our Award Categories are a significant part of what the Banksia Foundation is all about. By aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to help fast track solutions for sustainable, poverty-free, and equitable communities.

Start your entry by downloading the entry kit from your category! You will reach the Entry Portal through the Entry Kit.
We are currently having some website issues when it comes to downloading Entry Kits. Please email Anthony at anthony@banksiafdn.com to receive your Entry Kit.

NSW Clean Technology Award

The NSW Clean Technology Award recognises outstanding initiatives that showcase efficient resources through renewable energy, low emissions technology, and appreciable pollution reduction (beyond compliance) of our water, air, and land.

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NSW Biodiversity Award

The NSW Biodiversity Award recognises outstanding initiatives by an organisation or organisations in collaboration that protect our habitat, flora and/or fauna to ensure our ecosystems are secured and flourish for future generations.

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NSW Circular Transition Award

The NSW Circular Transition Award recognises outstanding achievements in innovative design in waste and pollution systems and products, through to regenerating strategies. The award will go to a company that has adopted a technology, initiative or project that is helping the business move from a linear to a circular model.

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NSW Net Zero Action Award

The NSW Net Zero Action Award recognises organisations that can demonstrate a tangible program or initiative that evidences transition toward a 1.5 degree goal, through a publicly communicated net zero commitment, plus data, disclosures and investments to support it.

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NSW Youth as Our Changemakers Award

The NSW Youth as our Changemakers Award recognises young innovators aged between 18-35 years, who bring fresh perspectives, bold ideas and compelling initiatives that align with any or the multiple UN SDGs.

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NSW Small and Medium Enterprise Transformation Award

The NSW Small and Medium Enterprise Award recognises outstanding achievements that demonstrate business and values alignment with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals and by integrating sustainability principles and practices across business activities, whether as a for profit or for purpose organisation.

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NSW Large Business Transformation Award

The NSW Large Business Award recognises outstanding achievements that demonstrate business and values alignment with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals and by integrating sustainability principles and practices across business activities.

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Minister’s Young Climate Champion Award

The Minister’s Young Climate Champion Award recognises young innovators aged under 18 years who bring bold ideas for a safe and thriving climate future that align with any of the UN SDGs. Young and passionate minds who have taken outstanding actions that benefit the sustainability of their communities and help address climate change will be showcased in this award, which is a celebration of young people with drive, commitment and a passion for sustainability and the environment.
Entries must be from a NSW school student (4-18 years).

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Entries Close 29th of September
First Round of Judging 1st to 14th of October
Second Round of Judging 25th to 29th of October
Finalists Announced 8th of November
Winners Announced December

If you have any questions, please reach Lynn at lynn@banksiafdn.com.