Fees and Submissions

Fees and Submissions



Before requesting an Entry Kit make sure to read all information about the awards available online and become familiar with the commitments needed in entering the Banksia Sustainability Awards.


There are 15 categories to choose from.


Create an account online on Banksia’s entry portal, and log in to start filling in your information.


Write your submission against criteria and tips provided in the Entry Kit. Upload completed documents and additional materials to the online awards portal, which can be accessed here


Once your submission is uploaded, proceed to the payment section, complete payment then click SUBMIT. A confirmation that your submission has been received will be sent to your registered email address.


Please note: Submissions are not regarded as submitted until payment has been received in full

How is my entry fee being used?

Banksia relies on your entry fee and the additional support of our incredible sponsors to conduct the Banksia Awards. Your fee helps us cover everything from the entry process through to the judging process and the finalists’ presentation and awards announcement.

We are proud to deliver a prestigious and properly resourced awards process year after year. Your fee goes a long way in helping us to deliver valuable feedback to every entrant, ensuring that our finalists and winners are provided material and knowledge to market their status and of course, giving us all a platform to come together to celebrate the success of people and organisations who are doing good for our world.

So, thank you!

  • Community and Charity Groups (Income less than $400,000 per annum)
  • Individuals
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Non-profit organisations and Non-governmental organisations (income greater than $400,000 per annum)
  • Small Business (1-10 full-time employees)
    (20 employees or less with annual revenue turnover of less than $2 million)
  • Local Government
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Medium Business (21-199 employees with annual revenue turnover between $2 million – $50 million)
$1350 PLUS GST
  • Large Business (over 100 full time employees) (200 plus employees with an annual revenue turnover greater than 50 million)
  • Government bodies
  • Payment details are listed on your Entry Forms.

  • Please pay your award category fee(s) when you submit your entry.

  • You can enter multiple award categories; however, a fee applies for each award.

  • Pay online or via Credit Card. All cards are welcome except for American Express.

  • Tax receipts will be issued upon receipt of your payment.

  • Submissions are not valid until full payment is received.

  • Please get in touch with one of our team members if you require a pre-payment invoice.


Entry fees are dependent on the entrant who is making the submission. Please see above for entry fees.

No – all entries are uploaded via the online Awards entry system, Informed365

Once registered, a confirmation will be emailed to you and will advise you of your registration. Once submitted, a confirmation will be emailed to you and will advise of your submission. Once payment has been processed, a confirmation will be emailed to you and will include a tax invoice.

Yes, however your entry must provide substantially more information than your previous winning entry. If you are a finalist, judges may refer to your previous recent entry to see that there has been considerable progress.

Yes of course but ensure that the Awards criteria has not changed. You would also be advised to review your previous submission and any feedback provided to you by the Banksia judges – look at what more you can provide and how you can improve.

If any of these stages present you with measurable outcome, then you could enter at both the execution and results stages.

You are the best judge of the resources you have at your disposal to put together an entry into the Banksia Awards. If you elect to outsource this task, then we recommend that you make sure that you are working closely with this person/organisation to make certain that all the relevant areas are covered, and the entry truly conveys the innovation and excellence that you wish the Banksia judges to acknowledge. It is important to ensure that your commitment and passion is evident in the entry.

If your project meets the criteria for another Award, then yes. Your submission may however need to be rewritten depending on what differences exist between different awards and what focus is required of your submission for any given award.

The key is that the initiative has set some measurable objectives and reports on the results against these measurements. If the entrant can identify an outcome that is innovative or ground – breaking, or has provided information that would influence future direction, this is a result that would be seen as influential and worthy.

Yes, the details are contained in each category Entry Kit. If you are having difficulty, we suggest you initially generate as-comprehensive-an-entry-as-possible and then fine tune to the required number of words. Editing content to be more “to the point” will be beneficial in focusing the judges’ attention to the most important aspects of your project. You can provide additional information of a technical, diagrammatic or in report form, in your attachments.

All criteria must be addressed. The judges use these criteria to judge the entries in each category.

Yes, you can access and modify your entry as many times as you like up until you submit.

No, you may make as many changes as you like up until you click submit. After this you will be locked out and prevented from editing your entry.


No. All winners will be announced at the Banksia Awards Presentation.

Ticket sales for the presentation will open in 2021

No, finalists will not receive complimentary tickets and will need to purchase tickets through the online tick­eting system.

Banksia’s preference is that only one representative accepts the Award on stage. If you are part of a partner­ship you may be given special consideration for both parties to jointly accept the Award.

Once your entry has been submitted, an email will be sent to you confirming receipt of entry and receipt of payment. Banksia will keep you up to date with any relevant Awards information through the contact details supplied via the Online Awards Portal. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a call 0433017830.