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The Banksia Foundation is the only independent organisation acknowledging sustainability excellence in Australia.

The team at Banksia works hard to support our entrants and finalists, celebrate our winners, and deliver professional industry programs and events throughout the year. We are all in this together and could not achieve these merits without our networks’ trust and support.

We build solid relationships and actively promote and endorse our award supporters and foundation sponsors through mutually beneficial programs



Australia Post has been delivering for Australia more than 200 years. We have been the backbone of communities across the country and have seen the world evolve significantly during that time.

As one of Australia’s biggest and most trusted businesses, we believe we have a responsibility and an opportunity to create a more sustainable future that benefits all Australians.

Therefore today, sustainability is a key pillar of Australia Post’s enterprise strategy, underpinning everything we do for the planet, people and prosperity. From delivering more focused and strategic community partnerships to building Australia’s largest electric delivery fleet, we embrace our power to make a difference.

The 2025 Sustainability Roadmap outlines what we will do to deliver on a future that sees us meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Achieving our 2025 target, which has been validated by the Science Based Target Initiative, will put Australia Post on the road to Net Zero emissions by 2050.


For more than 30 years, Currie has been helping those who strive for a kinder, safer, and fairer future for all to find their voice.

As a proudly certified B Corporation and participant in the United Nations Global Compact, Currie consults to people and organisations that sustain life on the planet.

We work with champions for sustainable development, turning their visions of a better world into strategies, stories and collaborations that make a positive impact on people and nature.


For over a century L’Oréal has been dedicated to one sole vocation: creating beauty. Our goal is to offer each and every person around the world the best of beauty in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility to satisfy all beauty needs and desires in their infinite diversity.

At L’Oréal our purpose is to Create the Beauty that Moves the World. This statement is also reflective of our daily commitments to make a positive impact through our actions for our employees, consumers, communities and the planet. For instance, we commit that every new innovation should be more sustainable than the previous one. As a business organisation, we focus on this purpose without taking sides in matters of a political or religious nature.


For Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), as the Australian red meat and livestock industry’s research and marketing service provider, sustainability is at the centre of all that we do and informs our priorities and investment decisions.

For MLA and the Australian red meat and livestock industry, sustainability means the production of livestock in a way that is environmentally, socially and financially responsible with respect to our people, our animals and our natural resources. MLA’s research and development investments are focused on demonstrating that sustainability goes hand in hand with productivity and long term inter-generational success.


Tourism Australia has partnered with the Banksia Foundation to support the inaugural Sustainable Tourism Award. As the tourism industry emerges in recovery and rebuild mode from the pandemic, this award will recognise and reward outstanding achievements in championing the protection, conservation, and regeneration of the diverse natural environments that make Australia so appealing to travellers. Protecting the natural environment across Australia whilst securing, nurturing, and supporting the economic and physical wellbeing of community and culture, both Indigenous and local. In short, the award recognises those tourism businesses that are nurturing and protecting the very things our visitors within and to Australia travel for.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is the home of unconventional. At MCEC we do things a little differently. We bring fresh ideas and imagination to every event. We happily turn concepts on their head to make each experience momentous.

MCEC welcomes events of all shapes and sizes, from meetings and conferences to exhibitions, concerts and galas, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid.

They are always working to find innovative ideas that provide better outcomes for our community, customers and their environmental footprint. We continue to deliver creative solutions for our customers and collaborate with industry partners to ensure MCEC is a truly sustainable event destination.

MCEC has collaborated with the Banksia Foundation since 2022 to promote a more sustainable future, hosting the National Sustainability Awards and sponsoring the Net Zero Leadership Award for the last two years in a row.


MCI is a global engagement and marketing agency. Firm believers in the power of building community since 1987, we are helping brands, associations and not-for-profit organisations solve their key challenges through our expertise in:

• Live & virtual events

• Strategic & digital communications

• Consulting & Community solutions

MCI believe sustainable events can be positive forces for change and by embedding sustainable thinking we can improve efficiency, quality, the participants’ experience and accelerate innovation. Our holistic approach to event design reduces costs, improves environmental impacts, builds stronger brand reputation, and leaves a powerful social legacy in the community.

We set standards for integrating diversity and inclusion, nurturing a culture of wellbeing and care. We are committed to building an environment where everybody belongs.


Since its inception, Informed 365 has been a driver of collaboration and innovation in the Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery space, with a primary focus on the empowerment of organisations to make better, more informed decisions around their supply chains.

For Informed 365, this highlighted the need to provide an agile tech solution that draws on third-party data sources as well as works with the workforce, NGOs, governments, industry bodies, academia, and ethical sourcing experts to deliver a “one-source-of-truth” platform.


As a global healthcare company, we’ve been looking after people’s health for over 75 years.

Our commitment to sustainability starts with our purpose: “Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world”.

Our approach to sustainability is focused on the clear connection between human health and the health of the planet.

Building a healthier future for people and planet.


Ventia knows that every decision and action we take is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the people and world around us.

Technology can enable positive change which is why Ventia is thrilled to sponsor the Climate Technology Impact Award which celebrates outstanding achievements made by businesses that have innovative lab-proven technologies with the potential of significantly addressing climate change.

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