GlamCorner is an online women’s fashion rental business that was founded in July 2012. From the start, the company set out on a mission to change the way Australian women access and consume fashion in today’s wear-and-discard status quo.

The company’s founders, husband and wife team Dean and Audrey, discovered that the average Australian woman only wears around one third of her wardrobe – with the remaining amount piling up in her closet or ending up in the landfill within a year of purchase. When Dean and Audrey realised that our societies’ wear-and-discard culture comes with such a detrimental cost to the environment, they decided to work on a solution so that garments can stay in circulation for as long as possible. It was at this moment that GlamCorner was born to build a solution that allows customers access to a constantly updated wardrobe of designer brand clothing at an affordable price point and without the burden of ownership.

The target audience of GlamCorner’s offering rapidly became any woman in Australia who is faced with the age-old dilemma of standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes with “nothing to wear!”. As a response to this need, GlamCorner innovated an online Sharing Economy model for the average woman’s wardrobe that allows her to borrow clothing on-demand for all of her one-off events and then conveniently return her designer garment via regular return post. As a result of the positive response from customers, GlamCorner introduced a Subscription Membership service to offer customers the ability to continually rotate their wardrobe by simply paying a fixed subscription fee per month.

Over the last nine years Dean and Audrey have continued to build their vision of an Endless Online Wardrobe that has allowed hundreds of thousands of women around the country to share clothing together, all while significantly reducing their impact on our environment.

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