Banksia is excited to announce that PepsiCo is sponsoring the Banksia National Sustainability Awards, through the Agriculture and Regional Development Award!

PepsiCo Australia is home to many of Australia’s favourite snack and beverage brands, including Smith’s, Doritos, Red Rock Deli, Pepsi Max and Gatorade.

PepsiCo is committed to employing local, growing local and manufacturing local. They employ 1,500 people, spend $120 million annually on Australian potatoes, corn, canola and oats and operate two manufacturing sites in Queensland and South Australia.

Globally and locally their business has deep roots in agriculture – using more than 25 crops sourced from over 7 million acres in 60 different countries – they rely on a sustainable planet to grow the ingredients that go into their products.

PepsiCo recognises that agriculture presents one of the greatest opportunities to address climate change and a myriad of challenges facing our planet and society. That’s why, by 2030, PepsiCo aims to spread regenerative farming practices across 7 million acres – about the size of their global agricultural footprint, sustainably source 100% of our key crops and ingredients, and improve the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people in their agricultural supply chain.

In South Australia, Mark Pye, who has been supplying potatoes to PepsiCo for many years has implemented a composting system on his 600 acre farm. The composting system utilises waste to enhance the soil the potatoes are grown in. The compost (a mixture of wood, fibrous material, manure, straw and water) is made on site with large mounds scattered across the farm that are managed closely – the compost is ‘cooked’ and turned at just the right time to ensure its efficacy.

When added to soil the compost delivers nutritional, conditioning and water holding capacity benefits that result in higher yields and increased crop uniformity.

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