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Psaros-Leading By Doing– Psaros, WA

Psaros is a Carbon Neutral, mid-tier Western Australian property development company with a 30-year track record that includes delivering over 700 apartments in Perth, with an additional 350 new apartments under construction and a further 650 in various stages of approval. Psaros have an in-house team of specialists spanning the whole development process to provide a complete turnkey solution. Being both developer and builder gives Psaros the advantage of being able to set new industry standards in environmental performance by integrating sustainability initiatives into their apartments. Psaros is dedicated to enhancing sustainability outcomes for investors and home-buyers by maximising financial, environmental and social benefits of their developments.

Psaros have pioneered the assessment and reduction of carbon in multi-residential development using internationally recognised Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) philosophy, enabling them to understand performance based results and make changes to design and construction where possible. Their team assess each building design based on the embodied energy, through to operational energy for the life of each building. Psaros collaborate with consultant teams including LCA Consultants eTool® to improve the performance and deliver better quality, future-proofed, affordable and more comfortable places to live.

Through their leadership, Psaros has become Australia’s leading mid-tier property developer to implement sustainability infrastructure with the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in multi-residential apartment buildings.

The team at Psaros are driven to achieve continuous improvement, both in operations and in the product delivered to the market.