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The Barwon Water Biosolids Management – Plenary Group, VIC

Barwon Water Biosolids Management Project provides an environmentally sustainable, large-scale, regional management solution for biosolids. The creation of the new Barwon Water Biosolids Management Facility transforms biosolids produced as part of the wastewater treatment process into a financially valuable and easily manageable product for beneficial reuse as farm fertilizer.

In its first year of operation, the Facility achieved a 30 % reduction in Barwon Water’s wastewater treatment emissions. Subsequently, Barwon Water reported the greatest decrease in net greenhouse gas emissions for 2012-13 of any urban water authority in Australia. The small footprint, fully enclosed thermal drying facility is the first in Australia using the proven Keppel Seghers HARD Pelletiser system. It is also the largest in the Southern Hemisphere producing 90% de-watered, T1 Treatment Grade pelletised biosolids. The Facility’s reuse program provides a national model for sustainable biosolids management, treatment and reuse; to address environmental issues associated with biosolids production and stockpiling.

Since it’s commissioning in 2012, more than 75,000 tonnes of biosolids have been processed producing over 10,000 tonnes of pelletised biosolids. These pellets have been used for fertilising more than 30 broad acre cropping and pasture farms across Central and Western Victoria.