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2009 Origin Gold Banksia Award


The 2009  Origin Gold Banksia Award

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses P/L, VIC

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses is 108 years old and we see environmentally sustainable business growth as the primary issue for business and community into the future. Through building our new bakery we saw an opportunity to not only reduce our own environmental footprint but to help create an awareness in our employees, suppliers and customers of how they too can help improve the world we live in.

By harnessing the waste heat from our refrigeration systems, redistributing heat recovered from freshly baked products, employing hybrid vehicle technologies and offsetting the remaining emissions via tree planting we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 5000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

It’s the simplicity of the solutions that encourages us to continue to think green and to believe that we can all ‘do our bit’ to improve the world we live in.

Most importantly: It feels good to do the right thing and it helps the business as well!