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Transportation – Mindful Movement

Transportation – Mindful Movement

Making Electric Cars Make Sense
Better Place Australia, VIC
Better Place is the only company in Australia that is currently deploying a fully integrated, customer-focused solution for owners of electric cars, powered by 100% renewable electricity. Our aim is to provide the charge network and services that ensure drivers have the confidence to drive their electric cars wherever they want, whenever they want. Furthermore, the emergence of a new, high volume customer for green electricity with strong growth prospects is expected to spur further investment in the renewable energy sector. The Better Place network in Australia will deliver significant and immediate reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions. For each and every petrol car that is replaced by a renewably powered electric car, almost 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be avoided each year. The Better Place system is remarkable in that it promises significant environmental benefits whilst requiring almost no change in consumer behaviour.

Comments from Judges

Building on stakeholder partnerships with key organisations in a sector that are committed to developing the Electric Vehicle market impressed Judges. Judges also commended Betterplace’s efforts in developing partnerships with key stakeholders to address potential issues and barriers to implementation. Judges saw how Betterplace’s innovation in addressing the issue of infrastructure for the EV market is key to its implementation in Australia.