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Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics – Mindful Movement

 2010 Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics award –Mindful Movement

Flexicar, VIC

Flexicar is leading the way in sustainable transport in Australia. It is an innovative new business model that challenges the relationship Australians have with their cars.

The initial driver behind the establishment of the Flexicar business was as a means to allow individuals to cut their environmental impact. Flexicar visionary goal is for car sharing to be a mainstream public transport option for urban Australians; providing a cheap, green and easy alternative to car ownership.

Flexicar is a car sharing service operating in Melbourne and Sydney. The service currently has 2,500 members and almost 90 Flexicars. The current Flexicar member base is responsible for a reduction in Greehouse Gas emissions of 1,142.4 tonnes of CO2 in 12 months Flexicar goes beyond simply reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It also takes cars off the road, changes travel behaviour and connects neighbourhood residents.

Comments from the Judges

t was clear to the judges that Flexicar have literally taken the road less travelled in their approach. A transportation alternative that is changing the traditional mindset, providing a viable and measurable alternative which is achieving impressive results.”