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Water – Our Most Precious Resource

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Water – Our Most Precious Resource

Gippsland Water Factory – A new way to care for water

Gippsland Water, VIC

Gippsland Water Factory turned conventional wastewater treatment on its head. The innovative wastewater treatment system addresses a serious environmental issue and incorporates water recycling to provide a sustainable solution for central Gippsland in Victoria. Built with the primary aim of removing untreated odorous wastewater from more than 40km of open sewer, Gippsland Water Factory improves the freshwater environment by recycling domestic wastewater from 11 Gippsland towns for re-use, freeing up water in local rivers and reservoirs. The project set a new standard for delivery of wastewater treatment infrastructure in Australia and resulted in a reduced volume and massive step-change improvement to the quality of treated industrial wastewater discharged to the ocean. Gippsland Water Factory goes well beyond compliance and is a project the community can be proud of. It incorporates sustainable design features, a water education centre, and is world-first in the way it treats industrial pulp and paper wastewater.

Comments from Judges

The Judges found this to be a very effective example of community and political engagement that is underpinned by technology-based thought leadership. It delivers an engineering solution with some excitement and vision – a result that allows the region to further develop its local agriculture and industry in an environmentally sustainable manner. This is an inspiring and impressive result.